Who is Damage Control?

You might be wondering who exactly we are and you've come to the right place. For those of you who have been following along the journey since the beginning, with the inception of shows and the podcast, thank you! We appreciate your support and couldn't do any of this without you. 

Damage Control was started by Jessa and her friends in Winnipeg, MB in 2013 who saw an absence in show promoters in central Canada, it started with basement, house and community center DIY shows - quickly evolving to bar and club shows. At the time all we did was book local and unsigned musicians and throw parties for the community. From there through a move half way across the country we continued to put on events for the scene. 


Covid-19 hit and we evolved and were forced to go digital. This manifested into what is now the Damage Control Podcast, where Jessa sits down with people making contributions to their communities at a time where human connection has been deemed unsafe.